The beginning…to the End of Pain

by Doreen Polizzi on February 3, 2014

doreen_shawlHave you been in such pain that you don’t know where to start?  Well a good place to start is the beginning…so get out your note book and a pen and start jotting down some things that come to mind when you are in pain. Can you recall when, where and how the pain started? Does it relate to something you did or an incident of some sort, or is it a diagnosed medical condition? Most people will say they can’t remember or don’t know, and will ignore the pain, thinking it will go away until they become so debilitated that they can’t function. Eventually chronic pain will grip you like a vice if you don’t learn how to control it or minimize it. 

When are you in the most pain? What are you doing at the time? What do feel? What part of your body is in pain? It is an all over body pain or a specific area? How is your ability to function affected by pain? What to you do to lessen the pain? Once you understand your limitations, we can figure out how to work within them. I can teach you how to minimize pain through breathing, relaxation and simple movement. When you become aware of your movement you can learn how exercise and breathing techniques will help improve your mobility and reduce pain. You might even find yourself losing a few pounds as an added benefit. When you are in pain your body is flooded with higher level of cortisol that causes you to hold on to weight.

There are breathing and relaxation techniques that are proven to help minimize and even eliminating pain. The key is to listen to your body. Rather than focusing on the pain, focus on learning the techniques needed to reduce or eliminate the pain you are in. Using just a few techniques that I can teach you, will help you to improve the quality of your life almost instantly.  

I look at myself now and I am filled with joy to see how far I have come to live a more fulfilled, happier and pain free life. You can too! Join me for a workshop or training session and experience the difference.  The end to pain is within your power.


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